Artisan Box: Week 4

In the box

1 bunch baby carrots from Idlewood Farm
1 bunch golden beets from Idlewood Farm
1 sourdough loaf from Idlewood Farm
1 small head cabbage
1 clamshell microgreens from Idlewood Farm
1 bag seasonal salad greens from Idlewood Farm
1 pint Snead’s Farm tomatoes

With your carrots and beets, be sure to cut the greens from the roots as soon as you get home. Both can be used in cooking and salads, but both will keep longer if you separate them first.

Looking for a way to use your cabbage? Consider trying to make homemade kimchi.

Roasted, sliced beets + goat cheese + microgreens + toasted, sliced sourdough bread = a great lunch or appetizer.