Asparagus sales start April 25

Those spring green spears will be in soon. There are two ways to get our asparagus this year:

  • Join our CSA, with pickups starting the week of May 4.
  • Come to the farm on Saturdays only, starting April 25, for retail asparagus sales.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our annual asparagus sales that are designed to protect you and our workers.

The farm will be open for asparagus sales on Saturdays only, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., starting April 25. On asparagus sale days, we will have our stand positioned on the driveway, halfway between U.S. 17 and the house. You can simply drive in and speak to our staff without getting out of your car. They will take your order, bring your asparagus and take payment from you. You may also park and walk to the stand if you prefer.

To ensure the cleanest, safest experience possible, we will be selling only pre-bagged asparagus at the following prices (which we have not changed for at least the past 5 years):

  • 2-pound bag: $10
  • 5-pound bag: $20

We will not be able to split 2-pound bags this year, and we will not have any other items for sale at this time. We do expect to have sugar snap peas and more spring produce as we get into June, and anticipate opening our larger farm stand later this summer.

If, in addition to purchasing asparagus, you would like to visit the farm with your family, you may do so and bring a picnic, explore our creeks, fields and trails. Admission is $5 per person, payable at the stand. We ask that you not come to the farm if you are sick, maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other parties and not come in groups of 10 or more.

While Saturdays will be for retail asparagus sales, Wednesdays will be for CSA members. CSA members get a weekly box of seasonal produce, and can stay to explore the farm (no admission charged for CSA members on Wednesdays). Full and small CSA shares are still available for purchase. Find more information here.

We are taking precautions on the farm to protect our employees and contribute to the public effort to contain the novel coronavirus, including frequent hand-washing, social distancing and staying home when sick. We hope that you and your family stay safe and well, and we look forward to once again being able to host larger gatherings at the farm once our country has come through this crisis.

Six weeks until CSA season starts!

Local farms are essential businesses – and CSA members are essential to our farm!

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We hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy. As our country continues efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we at Snead’s Farm have been busy planting and nurturing the crops that will feed our CSA members this spring, summer and fall.

The first CSA pickup is only six weeks away. The CSA is a way to guarantee yourself access to locally grown produce, while also helping local family farms, including Snead’s Farm and Braehead Farm in Fredericksburg, stay in business. A CSA share gives you a weekly box of produce for pickup at one of three locations from May through August, along with a quadruple box that includes pumpkins in October. Read all of the details here. 

As restaurants have had to close their dining rooms, we know many of you are finding yourselves in the kitchen more frequently. If cooking doesn’t come easily to you, rest assured–if you can boil water, you can use the weekly recipes provided by local writer Emily Freehling, who distributes our CSA e-mail, to turn our produce into satisfying family meals.

As we continue to monitor developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to offer the following guidance to our customers:

  • Snead’s Farm is classified as an essential business, allowed to remain open under the Governor’s most recent Executive Order. We do not have any indoor gathering areas here at the farm. While we are currently still closed for the off-season, we do plan to open for some form of asparagus sales when this spring crop comes in next month, as well as for CSA pickups in May.
  • The current Executive Order expires before the first CSA pickup, but in the event that social distancing recommendations remain in place through May, we will ask that all of our CSA members remain at least 6 feet from all other parties, and do not come to the farm if you are sick (You can  have someone else pick up your share, they only need to know your name.).
  • Here at the farm, we are using enhanced sanitation practices with our workers. Our outdoor work lends itself to social distancing. 
  • CSA members are welcome to enjoy the farm or even bring a picnic on pickup day. Being outside is good for all of us. We ask that you continue to observe recommended social practices while you are on the farm. We have also added a hand-washing station to enhance cleanliness on-site.

Please stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time. We look forward to serving you high-quality local fruits and vegetables this year.

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UPDATE: Snead’s Farm remains closed, CSA memberships still available

UPDATED 3/19/20: After careful consideration, we have determined that it is not in the best interest of public health and the health of our customers to open the farm on weekends. We apologize for any confusion, and appreciate your understanding during this uncertain time. Please stay safe, and we hope to see an end to this difficult period as soon as possible.

While we are not opening the farm to the public until asparagus sales begin later this spring, our crops are in the ground, and we are taking memberships in the 2020 CSA. Find more information here.

We hope you all stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you out on the farm again after we have all moved through this.

Get healthy in 2020 with a CSA membership

Snead's Farm CSA Box

It’s a new year, a new decade, and we know many of you out there are looking for ways to eat healthier, reduce waste and learn new things.

The Snead’s Farm 2020 CSA is currently open to memberships for small and large shares. Many of our families have been a part of our CSA for five or more years in a row. It’s become a part of their lives from May through October.

We wanted to share some of the benefits of CSA membership as you consider ways to make 2020 your best year yet!

20 Reasons to Join the Snead’s Farm CSA in 2020

  1. Local produce tastes better because it hasn’t had to travel across a continent to get to you.
  2. We pick our produce the day before you receive it. That means CSA produce retains more vitamins, and will last longer in your fridge.
  3. It really is a great return on investment. In 2019, full share members who paid $800 at the beginning of the season ended up getting more than $2,700 in produce in the weekly boxes and pick-your-own items.
  4. Sure, grocery delivery is convenient, but what’s going to happen to all those plastic bags piling up in your house? CSA eating is a low-waste solution. We reuse our delivery boxes every week, and our fruits and vegetables come with minimal packaging.
  5. You can choose a full share (enough to feed a large family or split with another family) or a small share (perfect for smaller households).
  6. This is one of the only opportunities in Virginia to pick your own asparagus, sugar snap peas, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, grapes, pumpkins and strawberries with a single membership.
  7. The Snead’s Farm CSA partners with a handful of dedicated family farmers in the Fredericksburg area. Joining our CSA helps keep all of our families farming, and helps preserve agricultural land in our area.
  8. Snead’s Farm uses farming practices like crop rotation, minimal chemicals and fertilizers and other methods that are friendly to the Chesapeake Bay. Supporting our CSA is a vote for a healthy Bay.
  9. You will become a better cook. Using our weekly recipe e-mail and your beautiful box of produce, you will cook vegetables you’ve never eaten before, expanding your palate in a healthy way!
  10. CSA members have exclusive pick-your-own opportunities in our fields, making this a great way for your family to learn about where different fruits and vegetables come from.
  11. You’ll learn to eat seasonally, which is good for your waistline, the planet and your wallet.
  12. You’ll be cooking more fresh vegetables than ever before. This will leave less room in your diet for processed foods, preservatives, added sugars and other flavor shortcuts the big food producers use.
  13. CSA membership includes plenty of pumpkins—so get those jack-o-lantern carving skills ready for October!
  14. Did you know Snead’s Farm has been placed under permanent conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation? Come enjoy the birds, butterflies, dogs, cats, horses and llamas that call our farm home.
  15. Kids shouldn’t grow up without experiencing the joy of rope-swinging over a creek. This and many other natural play opportunities are open to your family every week at Wednesday pickup at Snead’s Farm.
  16. You’ll never find raspberries as sweet and ripe as ours at the supermarket. And our blackberries are bigger than your thumb.
  17. The carbon footprint of CSA produce is much lower than store-bought items. We don’t have to gas up refrigerator trucks to travel thousands of miles, and we don’t have to use energy holding produce in a warehouse for days—we pick it, put it in a box and hand it to you the next day!
  18. Supporting local farms keeps our region’s food supply strong and resilient.
  19. You’ll meet new people with common interests when you come to weekly pickups and spend time picking in our fields.
  20. You’ll eat better, healthier food than you ever have before, and you’ll have a lot of FUN doing it.

What are you waiting for? Join the CSA today!

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Christmas Tree sales start Nov. 29.

Make plans to cut your own Christmas Tree at Snead’s Farm starting Nov. 29 (Black Friday)!

After Black Friday, we will be open Saturdays and Sundays only through Dec. 22.

Christmas tree pricing

This year, we have blue spruce Christmas trees, with strong branches ideal for heavier ornaments. They are $95 apiece, which includes baling, the use of a saw to cut them and string to tie them to your car.

Find full details on Christmas tree season here.

Claim your Christmas tree at our Fall Festival Bonus Weekend!

The fun doesn’t have to stop after Halloween!

We will be open Nov. 1-3 for a bonus weekend of our Fall Festival. This is also a chance to get an early start on the hunt for the perfect family Christmas tree. You can claim your tree in our fields with no money down and no obligation. We will also have the trails, mountain slides, swings and all of the other things you’ve come to enjoy on Snead’s Farm.

We will be open Nov. 1 through 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission on these days is $5 per person. We will have hayrides through the Christmas tree field, hot waffles and other goodies from Pälzer Mädel , and other delicious food including pretzels, caramel apples, apple turnovers and hot apple cider. Please, no outside food.

Pick-your-own pumpkins will be on sale during the bonus weekend for $5 apiece! We have a new field of sunflowers coming into bloom, and they will stay blooming as long as we have no frost. These make a great photo backdrop, and you can pick your own for $1 a stem.

From Nov. 4 through Nov. 28, the farm will be closed to everyone except professional photographers (see policy here). We will open Black Friday (Nov. 29) for Christmas Tree sales. After Black Friday, we will be open Saturdays and Sundays only through Dec. 22.

Christmas tree pricing

This year, we have blue spruce Christmas trees, with strong branches ideal for heavier ornaments. They are $95 apiece, which includes baling, the use of a saw to cut them and string to tie them to your car.

This is also a great time for Christmas card photos. Professional photographers can find our photo policy here.

Pumpkins are 1…2…FREE!

With 10 days to go until Halloween, we are putting our pick-your-own and pre-picked pumpkins on sale. Buy 2, get one FREE!

This sale applies to our very large pick-your-own pumpkins, which go for $7 apiece, as well as our pre-picked medium jack-o-lantern pumpkins, which go for $5 apiece. This is one of the best deals around on pumpkins!

Please keep in mind that farm admission is $8 per person on weekends, $5 per person on weekdays. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

For all the details on our fall festival, click here.