CSA Week 4: May 25 and May 27 pickups

Pickup as normal on Memorial Day Monday at Braehead Farm. Don’t forget to bring back your boxes and cartons, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend! In this week’s box (Monday and Wednesday): 5 pounds asparagus 4 pints sugar snap peas 2 jars Snead’s Farm Seedless Blackberry Preserves 1 dozen eggs 2 bunches beets […]


CSA Week 3

Don’t forget to bring back your boxes and cartons to recycle! Both boxes are identical this week. In Monday and Wednesday’s box: 1/2 dozen eggs 10 pounds asparagus 2 bunches green onions 2 bunches kale 2 heads lettuce 2 quarts strawberries Total retail value of this week’s box: $70.50 Total retail value of good’s distributed […]

CSA Week 2 – More asparagus and strawberries!

Don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail list and check the box for your pickup location to get these lists delivered straight to your inbox. Find the signup form on the right side of this page. See you tomorrow! Snead’s Farm pickup hours are 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. In the Wednesday box: 1/2 dozen […]


CSA Week 1 – Snead’s Farm pickup

**Don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail list in the box at the right-hand side of this page. Be sure to check the box for your CSA pickup site to ensure you get the box list e-mailed directly to you the day before pickup! In this week’s box: 2 quarts strawberries 2 4-pound bags […]

CSA Week 1 – Braehead/North Stafford pickup

Welcome to CSA season! This is the first year Snead’s Farm has run multiple pickup locations for CSA members (Mondays at Braehead Farm and North Stafford, Wednesdays at Snead’s Farm). We will be publishing the list of what goes in each CSA box here on the website. If you would like to receive these lists […]


North Stafford pickup available for 2015 CSA customers

We are happy to announce another new pick-up option for our 2015 CSA. This year we will offer Monday afternoon pickups at a home in the Poplar/Mountain View area of Stafford County for all weekly pickups (The Oct. 7 quadruple fall pickup will still be at Snead’s Farm for all customers.). Pickup hours at this […]

BIG NEWS for CSA members!

The dead of winter is a big time for great ideas around here at Snead’s Farm, and we think we’ve got one you’re going to love. For the 2015 CSA season, Snead’s Farm will offer a choice of one of two pickup locations: Pick up your box at Snead’s Farm on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. until 6 […]


Farmer’s Field Goals

Courted to play hoops, ’76 grad filled record number of baskets by Laura Moyer 1 Comment Emmett C. Snead III ’76 became an agricultural success at a time when many other small farmers caved to debt and the pressures of giant agribusiness. It would be easy to credit Snead’s first bachelor’s degree, a double major in economics […]

CSA is win–win for farmer, consumer

JOINING a CSA is good for your community, the farmer and yourself. It is good for you because you save money by receiving an unbeatable value. A CSA forces you to cook at home. Food cooked at home has no preservatives, is low in sodium, is healthier and tastes better. It’s good for the community […]

Life on farm part of my past, present and future

EMMALYN SNEAD FOR THE FREE LANCE-STAR Emmalyn (left) and Savannah Snead FILE/SUZANNE CARR-ROSSI/THE FREE LANCE-STAR Growing up on farm a big part of who she is. The Snead sisters sell their fresh brown eggs to customers throughout the area   GROWING UP on a farm has had the greatest impact on my life. It has […]