Artisan Box Week 2


In the box

1 loaf chocolate pumpkin bread made from Snead’s Farm pumpkins by Three Ladies Bakery & Foods

1 loaf pumpkin bread made from Snead’s Farm pumpkins by Three Ladies Bakery & Foods

1 bag spicy greens mix from Idlewood Farm near Richmond

1 bunch French breakfast radishes from Idlewood Farms

1 clamshell microgreens from Idlewood Farms

1 dozen pullet eggs from Sammy Hastings in King George County

1 half-pint Snead’s Farm sugar snap peas

1 half-pint Snead’s Farm raspberries

About the box

The very first raspberries of the summer are here. The late frosts this spring delayed them, but we are excited to share the small amount we have right now with our artisan subscribers.

Pullet eggs are laid by hens less than one year old. They are noticeably smaller than eggs laid by older hens, and prized by chefs for their richer yolks and firmer whites. These are excellent fried or poached, and also great in pastry dough. They are typically hard to find, because chickens can only lay eggs like these for a very short period (a matter of weeks) during their lives.

French breakfast radishes are great for a traditional French method of serving this vegetable: Simply wash your radishes and serve them with good butter (grass-fed is preferable) and sea salt. Dip the radishes in the butter, then the salt, for a simple snack that lets the spicy freshness of this spring vegetable shine.

Artisan Box: Week 1


Artisan Box: Week 1

In the box

1 bag microgreen sprouts from Idlewood Farms near Richmond
1 bunch spring onions from Idlewood Farms
1 bag seasonal salad mix from Idlewood Farms
1 loaf artisan sourdough bread from Idlewood Farms
1 4 oz. jar Snead’s Farm fruit jam made by Pälzer Mädel of Fredericksburg
1 4 oz. jar local honey from Belle Meade Farm in Stevensburg

Thank you for subscribing to the inaugural Snead’s Farm Artisan Subscription Box. If you requested home delivery within our specified zone, expect your box to be delivered early to mid-morning on Monday. Customers picking up at Braehead Farm, North Stafford and Snead’s Farm can pick up their boxes during normal CSA pickup hours at those locations, as specified below. As with the CSA, please save your box and leave out for pickup or return to the farm the following week so we may reuse them.

Braehead Farm: Mondays, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
North Stafford: Mondays, noon until 6 p.m.
Snead’s Farm: Wednesdays, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.