In the box

“Farmer’s Market Pizza Kit” from Idlewood Farms near Richmond

Kit includes:
2 pizza dough balls
1 jar pizza sauce
1 bag arugula
1 bunch basil

2 peppers from Steve Minter Farm in King George County
1 candy onion from Steve Minter Farm
1 eggplant from Steve Minter Farm

1 half-pint Snead’s Farm blackberries

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a video about the pizza kit from Idlewood Farms.
Tip: Arugula should be placed on your pizza after it comes out of the oven. The hot pizza will wilt it nicely but won’t burn it. Do not put it on before you put it in the oven–it doesn’t like that. Basil can be torn and spread over cooked pizza or placed under the cheese layer before you bake it for added flavor. Or you could use it to make a pesto sauce to add to your pie.