Tomatoes on sale now!

Snead's Farm Tomatoes

Emmett’s Tall Tunnel Tomatoes are coming on strong as summer comes to a close here at Snead’s Farm, so we are offering our 1…2…FREE deal on these summer beauties. That means that when you buy two quarts, for $5 apiece, you get 1 additional quart FREE! We’ll be offering this deal now through Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Also on sale for 1…2…FREE are our $5 quarts of Snead’s Farm peaches. And Snead’s Farm sugar ‘n’ spice sweet corn is still 25 cents an ear, $10 a bushel.

We’ve still got lots of great summer produce here at the Snead’s Farm road stand, and we’ll be keeping the stand open this year through Sept. 28. Come visit us, we’re open 9-6 every day.

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