How Snead’s Farm is helping to Save the Bay

Next time you bite into one of our juicy watermelons, or pop one of our giant blackberries in your mouth, keep in mind that you’re doing good for more than your taste buds.

The sustainable farming practices used at Snead’s Farm are carefully chosen to reduce the amount of chemicals, fertilizers and other runoff that ultimately hurts the Chesapeake Bay. We see this as a win-win, because these same practices are much better for the long-term health of our soil than the typical methods of industrial agriculture, and when it comes down to it, our soil is our most important asset.

Read more about the details of no-till farming, cover crops, succession planting and other strategies we use in this piece by From the Farmer, a business that supports sustainable farming in our region.

And remember that those beautiful sunflowers you’re seeing now are making the soil better for next year’s snap peas, pumpkins and more!

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