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It’s a new year, a new decade, and we know many of you out there are looking for ways to eat healthier, reduce waste and learn new things.

The Snead’s Farm 2020 CSA is currently open to memberships for small and large shares. Many of our families have been a part of our CSA for five or more years in a row. It’s become a part of their lives from May through October.

We wanted to share some of the benefits of CSA membership as you consider ways to make 2020 your best year yet!

20 Reasons to Join the Snead’s Farm CSA in 2020

  1. Local produce tastes better because it hasn’t had to travel across a continent to get to you.
  2. We pick our produce the day before you receive it. That means CSA produce retains more vitamins, and will last longer in your fridge.
  3. It really is a great return on investment. In 2019, full share members who paid $800 at the beginning of the season ended up getting more than $2,700 in produce in the weekly boxes and pick-your-own items.
  4. Sure, grocery delivery is convenient, but what’s going to happen to all those plastic bags piling up in your house? CSA eating is a low-waste solution. We reuse our delivery boxes every week, and our fruits and vegetables come with minimal packaging.
  5. You can choose a full share (enough to feed a large family or split with another family) or a small share (perfect for smaller households).
  6. This is one of the only opportunities in Virginia to pick your own asparagus, sugar snap peas, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, grapes, pumpkins and strawberries with a single membership.
  7. The Snead’s Farm CSA partners with a handful of dedicated family farmers in the Fredericksburg area. Joining our CSA helps keep all of our families farming, and helps preserve agricultural land in our area.
  8. Snead’s Farm uses farming practices like crop rotation, minimal chemicals and fertilizers and other methods that are friendly to the Chesapeake Bay. Supporting our CSA is a vote for a healthy Bay.
  9. You will become a better cook. Using our weekly recipe e-mail and your beautiful box of produce, you will cook vegetables you’ve never eaten before, expanding your palate in a healthy way!
  10. CSA members have exclusive pick-your-own opportunities in our fields, making this a great way for your family to learn about where different fruits and vegetables come from.
  11. You’ll learn to eat seasonally, which is good for your waistline, the planet and your wallet.
  12. You’ll be cooking more fresh vegetables than ever before. This will leave less room in your diet for processed foods, preservatives, added sugars and other flavor shortcuts the big food producers use.
  13. CSA membership includes plenty of pumpkins—so get those jack-o-lantern carving skills ready for October!
  14. Did you know Snead’s Farm has been placed under permanent conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation? Come enjoy the birds, butterflies, dogs, cats, horses and llamas that call our farm home.
  15. Kids shouldn’t grow up without experiencing the joy of rope-swinging over a creek. This and many other natural play opportunities are open to your family every week at Wednesday pickup at Snead’s Farm.
  16. You’ll never find raspberries as sweet and ripe as ours at the supermarket. And our blackberries are bigger than your thumb.
  17. The carbon footprint of CSA produce is much lower than store-bought items. We don’t have to gas up refrigerator trucks to travel thousands of miles, and we don’t have to use energy holding produce in a warehouse for days—we pick it, put it in a box and hand it to you the next day!
  18. Supporting local farms keeps our region’s food supply strong and resilient.
  19. You’ll meet new people with common interests when you come to weekly pickups and spend time picking in our fields.
  20. You’ll eat better, healthier food than you ever have before, and you’ll have a lot of FUN doing it.

What are you waiting for? Join the CSA today!

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