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What is a CSA?

Joining the Snead’s Farm CSA is like buying a “share” in our farm’s product for the year. In exchange for your investment, you receive a “dividend” of the freshest produce possible. Members take on some of the risks and share in the benefits of growing food. CSAs are not about getting discounted produce, nor are they cooperatives. However, the Snead’s Farm CSA strives to be unsurpassed in the combination of value, quality, freshness, quantity and variety of items offered with the least amount of risk possible.

In the 2019 season, all CSA members broke even on the price of their CSA share the week of June 17.

Two share sizes to choose from

Our traditional CSA shares are big enough to be split between two families, and provide a huge bounty of asparagus, corn, peaches and other popular crops. To meet the needs of busier families and smaller households, we have begun offering “small shares.” See all pricing and pickup options in the table below:

*All members will pick up their quadruple fall box at Snead’s Farm on Oct. 7, 2020.

**Space in the North Stafford pickup is limited, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. This pickup is at a private residence, and the location is disclosed upon joining.

What does a share include?

Snead’s Farm CSA shares include fresh produce from our farm, as well as from Steve Minter Farm of King George County and Braehead Farm of Fredericksburg. These partnerships allow us to offer a wider variety of items in our weekly boxes, reduce the risk to the consumer and promote the success of more local farms.

The retail value of CSA boxes last year averaged $162 per week for full shares, and $134 per box for small shares (Compared to an initial investment of $36 per week for full shares, $25 per week for small shares.)

The contents of boxes will vary based on the yield of fruit and vegetable fields, plants and orchards, and of the laying hens, which depends on the forces of nature. However, Snead’s Farm and its partners have enough variety, growing more than 40 different crops, that enough shall come to fruition to afford everyone a good supply of almost everything. All crops at Snead’s Farm can be irrigated, greatly reducing the risk of failure.

The Snead’s Farm CSA may offer pick-your-own opportunities to members for asparagus, sugar snap peas, plums, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or grapes when there is a plentiful crop; however, Snead’s Farm cannot guarantee this. Small-share owners will enjoy the same pick-your-own opportunities as full-share owners.

Payment: A full share of the 2020 Snead’s Farm CSA costs $800, plus added transportation costs for the Braehead and North Stafford pickups, as explained above. Small shares cost $550, plus transportation costs for Braehead and North Stafford. (Please note above: A 10 percent discount is available to those who join by Oct. 2, 2019.)

Pickup: Subscribe to our e-mail list at sneadsfarm.com or check our Facebook page for updates on hours and pick-your-own opportunities as the season goes on, and to receive recipe tips and a list of what’s in your box. If you know that you will miss your pickup, your options are to have someone pick it up for you or to simply forgo your share for the week. Cash refunds or share replacements will not be offered for any missed pickups. You are welcome to visit, picnic and stroll around the farm on pickup day.

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