CSA Week 5: June 1 and June 3, 2015

In this week’s box (Monday and Wednesday):

3 pounds of asparagus

1/2 dozen eggs

6 pints sugar snap peas

2 pints blueberries

2 bunches Swiss chard

3 pounds squash

4 cucumbers

2 bunches beets

2 bunches kale

Total retail value of this week’s box: $60

Total retail value of goods distributed so far this year in Monday’s box: $300.50

Total retail value of goods distributed so far this year in Wednesday’s box: $300

Kitchen notes from Emily Freehling:

Looking for new ways to serve sugar snaps? Here are a few ideas:

  • This “top secret” recipe for P.F. Chang’s Garlic Snap Peas, a very simple preparation that shows just how little cooking these guys need.
  • This New York Times recipe for Burrata with Snap Peas and Shitakes (you could use mozzarella instead of burrata cheese). What drew me to this recipe was the fact that the snap peas were shredded, or cut very thinly lengthwise. When you are eating a lot of one vegetable and you want to change things up, a great way is to cut the vegetable in a different way. So consider shredded snap peas with a simple sprinkling of lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper and some feta or pecorino cheese. (Remember the shredding trick when the green beans come in.)
  • The Kitchn’s list of 5 Ways to Eat Sugar Snap Peas.

Beets and cucumbers show up in the same box just as we are getting some hot days, which is perfect for a cold, refreshing bowl of summer borscht. This recipe from Martha Stewart came out well for me last year.

Asparagus and squash are both great grilling vegetables. When you are working with vegetables of different shapes like this, it’s great to have a grill basket to allow you to toss them easily without losing anyone through the grates. I got mine at Wegmans last year, but it looks a lot like this. It has made CSA cooking so much easier! Try grilling twice the amount of squash and asparagus you need this week. Reserve the extra, and the next night, use them as layers in your favorite lasagna recipe. If you need one to work with, try this one (hint: The key to delicious lasagna is great tomato sauce and ricotta. Try Rao’s marinara and look for fresh-made ricotta in your supermarket if you can find it.)

And how about a new way to eat greens and eggs together? These kale quinoa patties would make a great meatless entree, or even a breakfast.


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