CSA for Aug. 14, 16, 2017

You can still join the 2017 CSA, prorated this week for $218. Call the farm to arrange your membership. Our members are calling this week’s box, “The BEST CSA box ever!”

Snead's Farm CSA

Ready to join the 2018 CSA? Get the contract here. We are offering both full and new “small” shares for next year. Get a 10 percent discount if you join before Oct. 4, 2017!

In the box

1 flat blackberries (6 quarts)
1 bag tomatoes
1 dozen eggs
1 bag banana peppers
1 flat peaches
2 bushels corn
6 watermelons

Pick-your-own opportunities on Wednesday, Aug. 16, for CSA members only (note that there is no pick-your-own on Sunday this week):

From 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.:

  • 2 dozen sunflowers

From 7 a.m. until 10 a.m.:

  • 1 quart raspberries
  • 3 quarts blackberries
  • 4 quarts Concord grapes

Total retail value of this week’s box: $174
Total value of goods distributed so far this year: $1,762

Cooking ideas

Night 1: Grilled chicken breast with blackberry-corn salsa
Night 2: Summer risotto with corn and tomatoes (This is a much fussier recipe than I usually share, but I had a dish that was very similar to this at Kybecca this weekend, made with corn and tomatoes. It was a delicious summer entree and a wonderful way to showcase the corn.)
Night 3: Slow Cooker Italian Beef This beef recipe has become my go-to slow cooker recipe, and it calls for banana peppers. You could serve it as sandwiches, or soak up the juices with some Fresh Corn Basil Cornbread. Having a party? Consider serving Watermelon Granita with Blackberry Syrup for dessert.
Night 4: Mexican Street Corn Salad, with Summer Peach Cake for dessert.
Night 5: Grilled Peach and Corn Salad (I’d use a banana pepper instead of a Fresno here, and wouldn’t this be great with grilled shrimp on top?)
Night 6: Corn and tomato saute
Night 7: Grilled chicken with blackberry barbecue sauce, with a side of grilled corn

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